Meet Your Therapists

We are a small team of compassionate professionals who are dedicated to providing quality therapy services to make a difference to your life and wellbeing. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Therapist Cherie Dorotich


Principal Psychologist in Clinical Practice

“To inspire others to look beyond their limits and see themselves as ‘potential in action’, with the power to effect, create, and grow.”

Interest Areas: Trauma, Schema Therapy, EMDR

Registered: AHPRA

Member: AAPi, EMDRAA

Therapist Gizella Battrick

Psychologist in Clinical Practice

I will
support you to better manage your symptoms and cope with life’s inevitable challenges with an
emphasis on tapping into your personal strengths, to realize your full potential and build a meaningful
and fulfilling life.

Interest Areas: Schema Therapy, CBT, Mindfulness based practices

Registered: AHPRA

Therapist Naomi Wheeler

Psychologist in Clinical Practice

I am passionate about delivering a caring and confidential counselling service for adults and children in the Peel region.  Together we will work through any problems you are facing.

Interest Areas: Relationships, Attachment, Transactional Analysis

Registered: AHPRA

Member: CCA

Therapist Jessica Vahdat

Psychologist in Clinical Practice

I view my role as your psychologist as one which supports you to better understand yourself, recognise your strengths and resources, identify what is slowing your growth and supporting you to work towards living the life you want to live.

Interest Areas: Young Adults, Self Esteem, Schema Therapy

Registered: AHPRA

Therapist Elaine McGillivray

Mental Health Counsellor

I provide a safe , non judgemental and confidential space where we embark on a journey together of self discovery to promote mental health and well being. Visiting a therapist is the ultimate act of self care which is fundamental in living the best life for you…after all you deserve it !

Interest Areas: Addiction, Couples Therapy, Schema Therapy

Registered: PACFA


Jo Hills

Mental Health Counsellor

I have a genuine and strong passion for assisting people to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Interest Areas: Learning Development, Children

Registered: AHPRA

Therapist Sam van der Sommen

Psychologist (Provisional)

I believe everyone deserves the chance to live their life to the fullest, as your counsellor I provide empathic, collaborative, and meaningful support to aid you in your journey to better mental health.

Interest Areas: Youth, Depression, CBT

Registered: AHPRA

Member: AAPi

Therapist Daniel Davis

Mental Health Counsellor

I believe that everyone is capable of becoming the best version of themselves. I work collaboratively with people to help them overcome personal and psychological issues. I aim to foster a safe and confidential space for people to explore their goals, concerns, passions, and barriers. You don’t have to feel trapped or powerless anymore, we can work through this together.

Interest Areas: Adolescents, Relationships, Narrative & Solution Focussed Therapy

Registered: ACA

Therapist Mirza Bakthier

Mental Health Counsellor

Coming soon*

Interest Areas: Autism,


Shanti Dorotich

Therapist to the Therapists

Shanti is very selective about who she chooses to work with – a luxury that only the most experienced therapist can afford.

Shanti doesn’t respond to emails or calls – she prefers face to face communication only.

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