COVID 19 UPDATE: 15th October 2021

We take all precautions to minimise risk of infection within the clinic, to keep your therapy space safe for you at all times.

Please notice directions in clinic and use hygiene processes provided.

Please advise your therapist if you are unwell or have reason to be concerned that you may pose an infection risk in the clinic.

Please ensure that you sign in, and avoid having others attend with you if unnecessary.

Please notify us if you require a video link for online teleheath options due to sickness.

Please make use of our outdoor seating to honor physical distancing requirements.


At All Round Wellness we are not just A team, we are YOUR team, working collaboratively with you to achieve your goals.


At All Round Wellness we provide a range of professional services, delivered by highly skilled and diversely trained therapists.


At All Round Wellness we want you to have access to a range of beneficial resources that you an apply to your daily life.

Every story is worth being told, we want to hear yours.


Do you know someone who wants to work with a therapist or join some online courses to improve their mental health – but just can’t afford it? Well now you can give the gift that truly makes a difference to the life of the people that you love.

Have you always wanted a way to ‘pay it forward’ in a meaningful way for someone who truly needs a hand – but didn’t know how to make sure the impact of your intentions were expressed and received by a truly deserving person? Well, now you can gift access to therapy services to someone deemed deserving and in need by purchasing a voucher to ‘pay it forward’. We will even let you know – with a heartfelt thank you from your recipient or ourselves (anonymous) once the voucher is redeemed.

This is the giving action that reaches and impacts the lives of your loved ones and other vulnerable people who are in need.

We offer these vouchers, not to offer a discount, but rather to offer you the opportunity to help someone who simply cannot afford to get the help and support that they need.

We also want to pay it forward to keep aligned with our operation as an ethical business, with each voucher resulting in a donation to one of the following charities: Autism Spectrum Australia; Baan Unrak Children’s Orphanage; or Halo Team Inc.

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Our professionals train in a diverse range of therapies and fields, and value your courage to reach out for help.

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